Romeo Juliet

Romeo & Juliet
Scene Crossed Lover Dies
by John HangThe movie Romeo and Juliet filmed by Baz Luhrmann in 1996, it was written by William Shakespear, it illustrated the tragedy that happened to both rival household, which is about two young lover. Director Luhrmann used a lot of film technique throughout the film such as close-up shots, medium shots, long shot, light and sound technique, to define the meaning that he wanted to show to the audience.

In this scene the picture technique they used are close-up shot, tracking and panning, long shot, low angle-shot and camera angle. Close-up shot are the part when Romeo is walking down the church aisle, it reveals the Romeo the matter in detail causes the viewer to feel sympathetic towards Romeo and allows the audience to understand his emotions. Second shot is tracking and panning are the starting part when Romeo ran towards the church where the helicopter in the sky chased with ease, it showed the audience that the police (Prince) is always watching, always at their back, so that he could never get away. Third it is the long shot, where Romeo walk across the chamber filled with Holly Crosses, it it means that the place is sacred, holly and full of religious sign in the chamber where Juliet lies thanatosis in the chamber. The fourth technique is the low-angle shot which is where Romeo looks down where Juliet lays, it shows us how helpless Romeo is, also shows how much Romeo loves Juliet.

Last film technique that I wanted to show is the high-angle shot which is when Juliet and Romeo dies on the bed in the chamber, which they were looked down at and because of that it showed how untouchable, sacred and pure they are, it also shows the audience how much both young descendent of two rivalry household loved each other.
In conclusion, Baz Luhrmann uses numerous film technique to enhance the drama in the last scene?He mainly focused on dramatic sound, the reason that Director Luhrmann wanted to influence his…