Quality Control Analysis Narrative

Many companies’ products are not entirely perfect or can at times, sometimes become defective throughout its shelf life. Throughout steady research per product, the company may later come across a problem within their existing products and must find a way around the defect or they will have to pull it from the shelf and discontinue selling the product.

If the defect is minor and can be fixed with little profit loss then sometimes it is a better option to choose by fixing the problem rather than discontinuing the product and finding a newer product to replace the existing product.

Body To present such a matter as a known/potential defective product within the company to my Chief Executive Officer, directors, and managers; I would strategically plan the right time and organize a meeting to discuss the situation and send out prior emails stating that an important meeting must be held at a chosen time and date. I then would analyze and lay out for all my superiors the options we had available to us. Weighing out what can be done and what cannot be done for the specific defective or potentially defective product.

As for notifying the customers; letters and emails of apology would be sent out instructing them to return the product and get a refund and apologizing for the inconvenience. Also stating the problem would be fixed as soon as possible and the company will do whatever they can to get the problem taken care of and have an alternate product on the shelf as soon as possible.

To prevent future problems and to make sure an incident like this were to not happen again.

Certain individuals would have to be hired to oversee product quality control that specifically are trained to see to it that an incident like the last does not ever happen again. “Quality control is a process employed to ensure a certain level of quality in a product or service. It may include whatever actions a business deems necessary to provide for the control and verification of certain characteristics of a product or service. ” (wisegeek.

om, 2010) If the company already has a quality control department, certain individuals that were in charge of the now known defective product will have to be released or put on a probationary period. Conclusion It is imperative that defects do not happen within a company’s production line. In most cases the incident is usually harmless and is only a minor profit loss, however, in some cases, the incident could cost the company a fortune and could very well put customers’ health and safety at risk. This could cause a lawsuit and would greatly damage the trust and rapport created between the company and the customer.

To help stop such catastrophes, managers should be prompted to seriously follow protocol and policies concerning the hiring of individuals for the company.

A good worker for the company will take the job much more serious than a slothful worker and can help put a stop to potential customer threats and defective products within the company. The potential employee must meet a standard of requirements in order to work for the company.