Feel Good Reads – A Challenge for August

The other day I read about the top 15 depressing books as listed by the Telegraph.


It surprised me how many of these novels featured in my own top tens. I started to worry that I was a natural born grumpy-locks – as comfortable with a “downer” book in my paw as Patsy Stone is with a bottle of Bolly.  Then, when Lorna Sixsmith of the Irish Farmerette tweeted me back and confirming my suspicions, I knew it was high-time to widen my reading base.

So I am declaring August as Super Fun Happy Joy Feel Good Read Month. For the whole month I will read books that can only be described as textual prozac. A whole thirty-one days geared towards the feel-good factor.

This is where you, dear reader, come in. I need suggestions for feel-good novels. Books that will leave me with a warm fuzzy glow of positivity. Please leave your suggestions in the comments below and I will pick the ones that peak my interest the most for my August reading challenge. All genres are welcome!

At the end of August, I will let you all know if the happy-challenge book therapy has worked and will leave some reviews for the chosen works. 😀

Also, let me know about your own reading habits – do you find that you gravitate towards books that leave you an existential mess at the end? Or do you lean towards novels that make you want to spin joyfully through the lush summer hills a la the Sound of Music?