Ender’s Game

Ender, the main character in the book, Ender’s Game, follows the traditional journey of the hero because he departs from his past of life on Earth, is initiated into battle school, and turns down the offer to return back to his homeland at the end of the story. Throughout the book, Ender is constantly called to adventure. At battle school, he excels in training and battle simulations. Ender faces many hard tasks, like battling the bugger army, but he always seems to overcome his challenges no matter how difficult.

At the end of the story, Ender has the freedom to live in peace when he sets things right with the buggers. Although several obstacles are thrown Ender’s way, he stays strong and pulls through because he follows the journey of the hero through a road of trials and succeeds in doing so.
At the very young age of six, Ender was called to adventure by Colonel Graff, who offered Ender the opportunity to cross the threshold into the fascinating world of battle school. After proving his abilities to the International Fleet, or IF, Ender was wanted to become a commander at battle school.

Colonel Graff later arrived at Enders door, offering Ender the opportunity of a lifetime – going to battle school. Ender was being called to adventure, and he felt like this was an obligation he had to fulfill, so he accepted. Together, Ender and Graff left Earth and crossed the threshold into bathe school. Ender had left behind his old, familiar world in exchange for a new world full of responsibility and courageousness.
After leaving Earth, Ender had a road of trials he had to face, which lead to new experiences along with having a father-figure.

At battle school, Ender had a road of trials to face such as multiple battle situations and practice sessions in which he did so well that be became commander and had his own army. Soon, he and his army had outranked all the other armies due to clever tactics and strategies. Therefore, Ender and his army were chosen to go to…