Compare and Contrast of Beowulf and Hercules

This essay, is the comparison and contrast between Beowulf and Hercules, both were great warriors. In this essay, I will highlight a similar and different trait between the two warriors.

For Instance, Hercules and Beowulf are well known heroic characters with very similar characteristics. Many people believe that there similarities vastly outweigh their differences. In most epics, the characteristic you will likely find in the main characters were often brave, powerful, courageous and invincible. Therefore, I found that both Hercules and Beowulf possessed all of these traits.
The best way Beowulf and Hercules can be compared is to examine their great and powerful strengths.

In the Beowulf epic poem, Beowulf bears no weapons because he feels it would be unfair to an unarmed beast besides he believes he can kill Grendel without his sword. Beowulf pretends to be sleep as Grendel enters the hall and attacks. After devouring one of Beowulf’s men, Grendel “clutched at Beowulf with his claws” Beowulf leaps up clenching Grendel’s hand. Grendel knew at that moment that he had never met a man whose hands were harder and he could not escape from his grip. Beowulf pulls Grendel’s arm and forces it to detach from his body. As a result, Grendel retreats to his home to die.

In the life of Hercules, Hercules was ordered to kill a monstrous beast named Nemean Lion, who terrorized the country but he could not be killed by weapons. Hercules used only his bare hands to strangle the beast and made its skin into cloak that made him invulnerable. In both battles, neither hero used any form of weapons to defeat their monsters.
One way that Beowulf and Hercules differ is Hercules was easily upset, and he was known to have sudden outburst of fury, which caused him to harm innocent bystanders. Even though, when his anger passed he felt guilty and filled with sorrow but he was ready to accept his punishment for his misdeeds.