The Writing Review – July 2014 Edition.

This is the beginning of what I hope will be a series of posts detailing my writing activities over the course of each month.  Inspired by the writing diary of Struggling Writer, these posts will keep a note of what I accomplished during the month and what I struggled with.


I hope this series will be of use to other novice writers out there as I chronicle my own developments.  As always, I’d love to hear from others and their experiences, so do leave your comments below.

July 2014 was the month that I got my writer’s mojo back.  First of all, I started this blog and wrote several blog posts on issues such as the role that memory plays in the creative process and the question of how slavishly we should follow other people’s writing advice.  It’s been a real kick blogging and connecting with so many wonderful readers and writers on the interweb and I’m delighted to be part of this vibrant community.


Second, I cannot fully express how excited I was to complete and send out a piece for the Sean O Faolain short story competition.  The last complete piece of fiction I wrote was back in 2010 and I didn’t have the motivation to send it anywhere for review. I’m not a fast writer, but over a period of a couple of weeks I plotted and structured a 3000 word short story for the competition.  Seeing it come to life was such a thrill and I’ve already started outlining my second story.


Upcoming Competitions:

As part of this series I will be keeping an eye out for upcoming competitions and submission deadlines to journals and linking to them here. If you know of any competitions or are hosting them yourself, let me know in the comments or drop me an email and I’ll post them up on the blog.

The Irish Times “This Means War” Competition – deadline 8th August 2014

The Manchester Fiction Prize – deadline 29th August 2014

The James Plunkett Short Story Award 2014 – deadline 12th September 2014


I’d love to hear about your experiences too. If you have any tips, know of good competitions, challenges or journals, be sure to leave a link in the comments.

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