The Writing Review – August 2014 Edition


As well as being a busy reading month, August turned into a pretty busy writing month too.

I wrote two pieces of flash fiction – one of which I’m sending out for publication and one as part of a flash fiction challenge over on Chuck Wendig’s blog.  You can read this piece – Black Hearted Beauty – here.

I also started writing another short story, although I find myself getting distracted from it a lot and, while I really want to write it, it is becoming a difficult birth.

On the novel front, I’ve done zip. I need to spend time working on the outline but other projects keep butting in and, to be honest, I’m a little nervous about committing – I mean really committing – to the project.  In an effort to get myself into gear I decided to sign up for a creative writing course to increase the momentum.  This starts in October.  I have an idea in my head that if I can complete the outline by November I will partake in Nanowrimo to to push through the barrier of having a long project.

I have learned something about myself this month though, which is becoming quite useful.  I write better fiction in the mornings, while I wait for my coffee and better blog posts in the evenings while sitting on the couch.  It’s as if I start my day in an imaginative frame of mind and become more contemplative as the day wears on.  I’m trying to find a useful way to incorporate my writing into this new found knowledge.  My flash fiction pieces were written in several hourly stints over breakfast before Mr. Novel project chronicles woke up and the apartment was quiet (sorry that makes him sound like an incredibly noisy clompasaurus, which isn’t true at all, but it seems that writing fiction is something I prefer to do in solitary.).  I feel this will be harder to do as September roles around and work gets busier.  I also have plans to hit the gym which is usually a morning thing also.  However, where there is a will there is a way.

I wrote several blog posts this month also – here are some of the highlights.

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