The Ten Authors I Need to Read More Of – Top Ten Tuesday


Hello all and welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday.  This time the good folk over at the Broke and the Bookish are asking about authors whose books you’ve only read one of but who have you holding out your bookmarks and pleading “please sir (or madam?), I want some more.”

So without further ado, below are my top ten authors who will be making a second appearance on my TBR pile.

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1. Sarah Waters

A few years ago I read The Night Watch and have been meaning to read more of her work.  I saw the BBC adaptation of Fingersmith, which I thought was incredible and I definitely need to read more of her work.

2. Benjamin Black

I first read Christine Falls during the summer and thought it was an very different take on the crime novel.  I loved his gruff, hard to love characters and I must find out more about Quirke.

3. Philip Pullman

Another newish read for me, I only finished Northern Lights last week. I was pleasantly surprised and will be looking forward to finishing the series.

4. John le Carré

I loved, loved, loved The Spy who Came in From the Cold.  His voice is so distinctive.  The whole book felt like a colleague who cornered you in the cafeteria and gave you all the scandal he’d heard lately-  between you me and the wall, like.

5. Ian Fleming

I was surprised at how closely the filmmakers of Casino Royale stuck to the original plotline.  I came of age in the – bless him – Pierce Brosnan era of Bond, so I don’t think anyone could blame me from avoiding Fleming for this long.  However, having been sufficiently impressed by Casino Royale, I’ll be going back for seconds.

6. David Nicholls

I know, I know. He’s an author who divides people, as evidenced by his inclusion on the booker longlist this year.  Yet, despite being mocked by some of my friends for it, I really enjoyed One Day.

7. Malorie Blackman

Noughts and Crosses is, to my mind, an excellent example of the YA genre. It’s thoughtful, well paced and raises difficult questions about race and society that even in 2014 we have not fully come to grips with.  I don’t read a lot of YA fiction but Blackman is someone I would definitely return to.

8. Emma Donoghue

Room was one of those books that was so highly praised on its release that I couldn’t leave the house without getting into a discussion about it with someone.  I read the whole thing in a day and half (lightening speed reading for me).  It was so heartfelt and cleverly written that I’m curious what else she has to offer.

9. Kazuo Ishiguro

Never Let Me Go peaked my interest because of its speculative fiction angle but I was impressed by his turn of phrase and the depth of character in the book.  In short. I want more please!

10. Harper Lee

I loved To Kill A Mockingbird so much. I can’t wait to read more from…. what? you mean she didn’t?…… Just the one eh?…..Damn.

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  1. I’m totally with you on Emma Donoghue. I’ve read Room and Frog Music, which was quite different, but felt more like the other historical fiction she’s written that I want to take a shot at.

    1. thenovelprojectchronicle says: Reply

      Hi, thanks for stopping by. I think I’ll have to give Frog Music a go sometime soon so 🙂

  2. Amy says: Reply

    Yes to Philip Pullman, one of my all time favourite authors, it only gets better from Northern Lights. Though fair warning, when it was over I spoke about three words for the next three days.

    1. thenovelprojectchronicle says: Reply

      Uh oh. I’d better wait till I have some time off work to finish the series so 🙂

  3. Sarah Waters is definitely a good choice to read – I can’t put The Paying Guests down at the moment, it’s SO good I just have to find out what happens. I remember loving Fingersmith too, and reading this latest book has put me in the mood for a re-read.

    1. thenovelprojectchronicle says: Reply

      I love books like that when you absolutely MUST read on to find out what happens next regardless of other commitments.

  4. A lot of these authors are on my list to read for the first time. I longingly pick up Frog Music by Emma Donoghue every time I go to the bookstore. I’ve also been meaning to read some Kazuo Ishiguro, as I own The Remains of the Day.
    Great List

  5. Lauren says: Reply

    Yes to Sarah Waters – I adored The Little Stranger and I really need to read Fingersmith! Great post!

    1. thenovelprojectchronicle says: Reply

      Thanks. Sarah Waters is getting a lot of love in the comments so she’ll be moving up the TBR pile very soon.

  6. Phoebe says: Reply

    If you’re going to read any more David Nicholls, read Starter for Ten its so good! and he has a new book that just came out called Us, which I can’t wait to read.
    Here’s my TTT!

    1. thenovelprojectchronicle says: Reply

      Thanks for the recommendations. 🙂

  7. Ah, Sarah Waters is top on my list, too . . . and hooray, today is the release of The Paying Guests! Can’t wait to start it, hopefully tonite.

    Emma Donoghue–Room is so different from her other novels. I loved Frog Music, although many didn’t. Slammerkin is also a good read.

    I probably should have included Ishiguro as well . . . I have only read Remains of the Day!

    1. thenovelprojectchronicle says: Reply

      I have so much to catch up on, which is great because there are so many great books that I haven’t read yet. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. kelley says: Reply

    The only one I’ve read is Harper Lee. It looks like a good list. Have a good day. kelley—the road goes ever ever on

  9. haha – totally still waiting for Harper Lee’s next novel. Any day now right…… 😉

    I absolutely loved the Northern Lights series – they wonderful books. I think it might be time I reread them actually, so thanks for reminding me!

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