The NanoWriMo Diaries – Week 3

DSCF1152Ok this week I’ve seriously hit bottom. My word count currently stands at 24,465 which is just shy of the halfway point.  This would be great except that we are about to start the final week of NanoWriMo 2014.  If I keep writing at the same pace, so I’m told, I’ll finish at some point in the middle of December. So I’m preparing myself for inevitable defeat.

That said, given that I’m a terribly slow writer at the best of times I’m quite amazed that I have managed to write this much at all in three short weeks. I’m ready to push on through to weeks four and just get as far as I can by November 30th.

Day 15: Wrote about 1000 words this morning and then went so see Interstellar in the afternoon with the promise that I would come back to write more later in the day.  Unfortunately, I left the cinema and had a very long discussion about how I thought the film reminded me of Contact.  Mr. NPC insisted that we go home and watch Contact straight away to see who was right.  I have no self control.

Day 16: Struggled with the plot line today. Managed to squeeze out a few hundred words but just wasn’t feeling it. It’s like my characters have gotten a bit lost in their own story.  I’ve been also writing a short story for my creative writing class, which has nothing to do with NanoWriMo. Managed to tie myself up in knots thinking about the philosophy driving my story without actually writing anything about the story.

Day 17: figured out where to go with the story but had to do a little bit of research about Glasnevin Cemetery. This ate into my actual writing time and I only managed a few hundred words.

Day 18: Wrote a lot more this evening hitting my word count and then some. I picked up the story at a different point.  I think I’ve been stuck with two protagonists for nearly three weeks and we just needed a break from each other.

Day 19: I don’t want to talk about it.

Day 20: Managed to write some stuff today. Even though I was pretty busy I hit my target.  I’m happy that I’ve moved onto a different aspect of the story for a while. It’s really starting to feel like I’m writing the draft before the first draft, if you catch my drift.

Day 21: No time for writing today as there was partying to be done.  I did warn you that I have no self control.

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  1. 24,000 words is a shitload, NanoWriMo or no NanoWriMo and you should definitely be proud of yourself!

    Also, partying should always come first, so well done on that decision 😉

    1. thenovelprojectchronicle says: Reply

      Yes, I think partying should be a priority too 🙂 Honestly, I thought I’d give up on the whole NanoWriMo experience after about 5000 words so I’m amazed to have pushed through 25,000 in such a short space of time.

  2. Laura says: Reply

    24,465 words in three weeks is pretty amazing! I think it’s easy with NaNoWriMo to keep worrying about being behind, when actually if you really think about, you’ve written way more than you would usually write. I think at this stage, even if I don’t make the full 50,000 words I won’t be too disappointed, because I have still achieved my own personal record of number of words written in a month!
    Good luck with the final week!

    1. thenovelprojectchronicle says: Reply

      Thanks a lot. I agree that I’m just excited that I managed to write so much so quickly. It’s given me motivation to keep going even after November ends.

      I hope your final week is going great!

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