One for the NanoWriMo Writers – Is Sharing Caring?

coffee and laptopSo NanoWriMo is now in full swing and writers all over the globe are tapping away furiously at their keyboards and not looking up until December drops by to say hello. Inexplicably, many of the great and good have also found time to write blog posts, comments, tweets and share in the madness that is November.  In general I think this is great. I was astounded by how supportive this community was and find that following others’ progress and sharing my own is an amazing way to keep motivated.

One type of blogpost has me curious though – namely the post where people reveal some things about the story they are working on and post story updates.  In particular, I’ve been following the Notebook Sisters (a brilliant blog if you haven’t seen it yet) who have a three month link up meme on this called beautiful books.  Initially, this idea really excited me. I thought writing up a post like this would focus my attention, allow me to share a little on the story I was writing and hopefully get some discussion going.

However, when it came to publishing the post I found myself waivering.  I just wasn’t ready to share a story, that I didn’t feel was in anyway ready, with the general public (even one as supportive as this). I was afraid that it would commit me to continuing with the book in a particular way even if I felt it was no longer working. I was scared that comments would make me second guess myself and send me down a path I wasn’t sure I wanted to go.  Crucially I was worried that if I’d hit upon literary gold I didn’t want to share it with the world at all, lest someone else sees the idea and runs with it before I’d had the chance to turn it into a lovely pair of bespoke earrings (and yes I do realise that this makes me sound like Golem – mmmyyyy prreeecccciiioussss).

Yet, despite these reservations, I still enjoy reading other blog posts from whose willing to put their work out in all its unformed glory onto the interwebs. So my question is this – how much should a writer talk about their own work on their blog in the specifics? What’s advisable? If you share your work, in what way do you find it helpful?  I’m not talking about posts discussing the writing process or problems they have been having as such, but the type of post where they share part of their story and chronicle the work in progress itself.

Have you written posts like this? Do you like sharing your work in progress or do you (like me) hide away like a troll under a bridge until you feel it’s ready.  Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Laura says: Reply

    I’m definitely not one for showing my work in progress! Although this is mostly because I’m dreading reading it back myself, let alone having anyone else read it. It feels like I’ve been rambling a lot just to hit the daily word count (because I haven’t exactly plotted it out very well!), and there’s a good chance a lot of it either won’t make any sense, or will just be terrible when I read it back!
    I get what you mean as well about feeling under pressure to continue in a certain way even if you feel it isn’t working. I feel like if I shared anything about the story I’m working on, I would have to keep it as I said I was doing it, even if I would have preferred to change it.
    It’s definitely an interesting question, anyway! I’m sure there will be people who would disagree, and feel the feedback is useful.

    1. thenovelprojectchronicle says: Reply

      I’m finding this too. I somewhat know where the characters are going but I end up rambling a lot trying to describe what is going on, how they feel about the situation etc etc.

      Because I know I’ll be changing about 90% of it I can’t really face the idea of people knowing what I’m doing. I”m curious though about people who more readily share their story because I”m sure that the feedback must be useful to them.

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